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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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seven people lost their lives it has been painted and recarpeted but the tragedy that took place here three weeks ago is still so fresh. >> it is very difficult. our staff members are having a very difficult time but we are trying to get through this together. >> reporter: school held a memorial service at the campus chap this will morning, where students prayed, sang and cried. >> every day really since day one, you know, there was always one question why, why these nice people? >> reporter: moon told us the alleged gunman took staff member ping from the school nursing office at gunpoint and brought her into the choose klaas room yes says six of 13 students there were shot and killed, along with ping. >> all of them were very happy,
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nice, kind people. we were 100% sure that they would have become a very nice nurses. >> reporter: instead of focusing on why, moon says it is time to think about how to move forward. he says the classroom maybe turned into a permanent memorial to the victims. >> the least i can do or oikos university can do is to make sure that the school -- we going to make sure that the world and everyone, we going to remember them. >> reporter: now, not only are university officials considering making that classroom a memorial, they also plan to build a m p p p memorial outside. now you the acting coo also shared his thoughts with us on the suspect. we will hear what he had to say about the former student turned murder suspect.
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i'm jodi hernandez, back to you. >> thanks, jodi. now developing news, the new case of mad cow disease has surfaced in a dairy cow in the central valley. it was found during sample testing by the usda. there have been only three nope case of mad cow disease in the u.s. the agricultural department says the cow did not enter the human food chain, adding that this was an atypical case because the cow did not get the disease by eating infected cattle field. mad cow disease a neurological disease that can be deadly for both animals and humans. nbc news chief science reporter robert bazell will have more on the effect of mad cow disease at 5:30 on nightly news. place of a hostage helped end a standoff with a would-be bank robber today. the harrowing ordeal at the as well as fargo in downtown hayward. a man walk with a note and demanded money and told every ton drop to the ground, saying he was going to blow things up. police say the still unidentified suspect held the knife to the threat of a
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pregnant woman. after she told him she was pregnant and after further pleas from the crisis negotiator, the bank robber let the woman go and was taken into custody himself with not one person in the bank physically hurt. hundreds of protesters marched down to wells fargo headquarters where a shareholder meeting was underway. 24 people were arrested for had trespassing, including the 14 who had to be escorted out of the meeting. many hold certificates to prove they own shares or were there serving as proxies for other shareholders. despite waiting for hours, many were not allowed inside to speak directly to bank execs. >> wells fargo has made some decisions about who they think should have a voice in their shareholder meeting and who they think shouldn't have a voice in their shareholder meet eggs and trying to keep out people who are there to tell their stories about what wells fargo's business practices are doing to their communities. >> wells fargo maintain it is respects the right of peaceful assembly but focused today on
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protecting the safety of customers, team members and its share holders there. president obama is appealing to younger voters, college students faced with staggering tuition costs during a public appear perhaps at the university of north carolina today. the president told students he understands firsthand the financial burden of school loans. >> for the first eight years of our rashage, we were paying more in student loans than what we were paying for our mortgage. so we know what this is about and we were lucky to land good jobs with a steady income. we only finished paying off our student lopes about eight years ago. a higher education is the clearest path into the middle class. >> the president emphasized the need to pass legislation to keep student loan rates from doubling on july 1st. meantime, tuition costs are becoming too much for students across the country and right near the bay area. nbc bay area's marianne favreau is live at san jose state university where many students may be denied entrance due to
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rising tuition and school cutbacks. marianne? >> that's right, janelle. more than 12,000 student attend san jose city college and every year, about 62% of them transfer to a state university but now, many of them are going to have to come up with a backup plan. is chris thought did he all the right things, good grades, check. taking extra classes, check. transferring to san jose state in the fall. well, that's where his education plans may take a detour. chris still hasn't received an acceptance letter yet. >> kind of hard because i think about it if i haven't heard back yet and i live in san jose my whole life it is difficult, all these people coming from far away, getting accepted. tuition is going up. something i think b >> thanks to budget competition in san jose stiff now that the plan requires local students who meet a much higher grade point average than the traditional
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2.0. during the 2009/2010 school year, 122 san jose city college students transferred to san jose state that number is about to shrink considerably. >> already having a huge impact now. >> reporter: the vice president of student affairs at the college says students are finding it difficult to plan. >> as the colleges are scaling back, the number of students that it can take, we are seeing it here where students aren't get nothing the school of preference and certainly, san jose city college, san jose state university is one of the premiere places to go. it is san excellent campus but we need to tell student these need to start looking broadly at other places to apply, even out of state. >> some students are staying at city college another years so they can apply again at san jose statement san jose state plans to court undeclared major impacted, which will close a loophole that allows students who couldn't get accepted into their desired major a chance to at least get into the university. but with city college facing $4 million in budget cuts, it can only do so much for students
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forced to stay here while they pick a new higher education path. some students who can transfer to local university say they are now looking at applying at for-profit universities. reporting live at san jose city college, mary app favreau, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mary app. another rip-roaring earnings report for apple today. the cupertino company says it sold 35 million i phones and 11 million ipads the last three months, adding up to more than $11 billion in profit. on top of that shares of apple stock reversed their recent decline, shooting up sharply higher in crafter hours trading. the san bruno city council may have pg&e remove physical evidence of the deadly pipeline explosion. the pipeline has been out of commission since the september 2010 explosion thatilled eight people and destroyed 38 home he is. for the past seven months, pg&e and city leaders discussed whether to fulfill the 8200 feet of pipeline with concrete,
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remove it or both. the city says tearing out all the pipeline would take roughly 17 weeks. neighbors are split on the idea, saying it won't matter because they are psychologically scarred. >> my wife walks the neighborhood and nows -- now we all note path, yeah, she walks a little quicker when she gets to the parts were she has to travel or walking right on top of t she used to walk the trail down here and the whole path is built on top of it. she won't go even go there anymore. >> the city council will discuss the three options and hear from the public at 7:00 tonight. constituent manager swhafrs the decision you pg&e will pay forth operation, which could happen as early as a few weeks from now. plastic bags aren't the only consumer item getting banned in san jose. the city council voted to stop using plastic foam food containers on city-owned property. the state restaurant association is gearing up to oppose what some expect to be the council's next step, banning styrofoam containers city wide. today's vote means they won't be used at community centers,
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weddings or other events at city hall. they have been off the menu at san jose's airport and convention center. several bay area cities banned foam cups and clam shells as part of the mandate to cut the amount of lit they're goes into san francisco bail. still to come at 5:00, imagine getting a 20% bay increase. the bay area city where that could now be a rate. plus -- it is a major commitment but i feel like it is so worthwhile. >> and it comes with a life sometime of ex-pe lifetime of experience, a bay area man proud to be called grandpa by nearly 30 children. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. 60s for some of you, 70s, palo alto, 73, livermore, 72. talk bin ceasing chances of rain the past two days andend twarmu weekend warmup in just a few minutes. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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what started as class project by sap jose state students is now on the november ballot. the ballot measure would raise the minimum wage in san jose from $8 to 10. constituent clerk verified the nearly 20,000 signature its gathered by sociology students to support the measure. the san jose city council will discuss the measure at the next meeting on may 1st where they could either pass it directly into law or set it for the november election. crisis inspires change, responding to pressure from parents after the disappear perhaps of sierra lamar, the morgan hill school district will now notify parents twice a day if their kids don't show up to school. school's also working on ways to text message or e-mail parents,
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that change coming 15e6r9 5-year-old disappeared on her way to school march 16th t turns out the school didn't call her mom until that each. the new policy to call parents by 10:30 in the morning. a somber gathering at the state capitol today as families remembered loves ones lost to violent crime. large posters of crime victims are reminders of the personal costs. harriet solar know formed the group after her daughter was murdered. today she got political, criticizing an inmate release program she claims makes california a more dangerous place. governor jerry brown was supposed to take part in today's rally but did not make it back to sacramento in time. it leads into our flash survey tonight?
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all hands on deck in california schools, budgets going down, class size going up, teachers need all the help they can get in the classroom. >> which is why one group in the south bay is proving to be so valuable. garvin thomas, bay area proud about a group of very experienced volunteers. to be sure there are a lot of people who volunteer in schools. of course, most of them tend to have a connection to their school, their kid goes or did go there, for example, how great to find a group that does it just to do something good for the younger generation? in this case, the much younger generation. it is tonight's bay area proud. >> okay. naomi what paragraph did you find number two in? >> reporter: perhaps it is time to send in the marines? >> d is the best answer. >> reporter: now, before you dismiss the idea as too extreme to fix the crisis facing came schools, just know that it is working in one south bay elementary school. not with a battalion of marines,
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mind you, just one. 68-year-old. former. marine. john mollet is his name. >> i enjoy it. it is an adventure. >> reporter: four days a week, john hops on his bike and rides the six miles from his san jose home to bertha taylor elementary. >> chapter one, you go to page one. >> reporter: it is here, just outside the door of a second grade classroom that john gets to work. >> you come to woa word you don know, just ask me, okay? >> reporter: helping struggling students with their reading and math. >> do you know what that means, drum up business? >> reporter: helping overburdened teachers we their ever-ingreasing work load. >> i feel it is so worthwhile, and i get -- i have a feeling of fulfillment that i was able to reach some of these kids. like they are working on their individual white boards here.
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>> reporter: grandpa john, as many of the kids call him is part of the foster grand parent program run by the local senior council. >> reporter: each one sharing the experience and knowledge only a full life can teach. in john's case after a stint in the marines and tour in vietnam, it was on to sawing is he isful career in the aerospace industry. he says making concepts understandable to the average person is one of his strengths back then t is still now. john actually is a grandfather in at doig being a foster
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grandparent. he does have a little grandson right now that he sees. and also, one of the benefits, a benefit to the kids, to the teacher was to the extra set of hands. the kids can ask advice, a different perspective with that. >> kids don't have a grandparent or someone of that able in their families so nice to be able to make a connection. >> great story. we started with overcast skies, turned out to be a nice day. check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> still into the 70s across livermore, walnut creek, 74, sunnyvale. head up the coastline, onshore flow, impacting. sky cam network this tuesday afternoon, overcast right now, i was down there walking around the downtown earlier that sun
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was out and it was shining. a mixed bag for everyone, drizzle into the north bay. weather headlines will start to show the ever-changing weather 24 hours a cloudy start. by this weekend, i think everyone is going to like what's coming in that 7-day forecast. here is the deal, real unique situation happening. we are sandwiched between two different systems about 925 miles apart. we are not going to get hit overly hard by either one of these storms at the current moment. this area of low pressure will graze us, then the cold front graze us the next 48 hours, primarily this will increase the chance of showers we head into wednesday, drop our numbers. by thursday, call it cold this time of the year, showers lingering in the forecast. not expecting heavy, widespread, nonstop rainfall. may need to pull out the
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umbrella for the forecast. midday afternoon and evening hours, see the chance for scattered showers returning but the most consistent rainfall in the forecast looks to be on thursday morning at this point, about 8, 9, 10:00 in the morning, wheneveren should have some sort of measurable rainfall. tomorrow is going to be one of those situations were some people get a few rain drops and others get nothing at all. what you will find here is trace amounts, 100ths of an inch possible in oakland. daytime highs on wednesday morning topping out slightly cooler down into the south bay. 69 in morgan hill. 68, milpitas, 69 in sunnyvale. the east bay, down three to five degrees danville back to the castro valley. 64, hayward, 63, alameda. 68, walnut creek. for the peninsula, pretty moderate, 66, san francisco, close to 70 in san mateo, 58 in half moon bail. on your three-day forecast we stay cooler into thursday, with
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a chance of showers. by friday, numbers start to go back up. so you are approving on this? >> i am. >> spf 30. >> maybe spf 50. getting really nice. thanks, jeff. coming up, we finally have an answer, just where is the best seat on the plane? also, a chaotic street scene when a little girl falls into the earth. the daring rescue is up next. and it is certainly a different way to bring attention to a pressing issue. president mike, ahead?
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finding that perfect seat
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on an airplane. a new survey claims to have found it. a website called sky scanner asked more than 1,000 passengers which part of the plane they prefer to sit in. it claims the most sought after seat on a standard passenger plane is seat 6 a. the survey found the front six rows to be the most popular section of the plane. of course, passengers say they can get off the plane first, have lower engine noticeses and better selection of food. worst seat, 31 e, in the middle, back of the plane. you have got to look at this video, caught on tape. see the girl walking down the street in china and then suddenly, there, she fall through the ground, watch it again. turns out a passing cab driver immediately stopped immediately and lowered himself to the 20-foot deep pit to help the girl get out. eventually, firefighters were able to pull them both out safely. officials say water likely eroded the ground of the sidewalk, causing it to become unstable and then sudden lynn give without warning. >> scary. >> glad everybody is okay. still president t president teams up with a tv funnyman. what'll it be?
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check it out it is impressive from italy's mount aetna, it erupts, sending lava spewing into the sky overnight, the seventh erouchingts year. the mountain blew lava and hot ash into the air. the local airport managed to stay open. mount etna is europe's only active volcano. as we reported earlier in this newscast, president obama visited the university of north carolina today to bring attention to college loans and instituted unt dealt. nbc late night personality jimmy fallon helped the president get the message out by slow jamming the news. >> what we said is simple. now is toot knot the time to make school more expensive for our young people.
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>> the president taped a special edition of late night that will air tonight after jay leno right here on nbc bay area. >> always so funny when he does that with someone. the person in the back always has a straight face. >> more effective, change it up. how we looking for tomorrow? >> well, a few showers coming our way with temperatures starting to cool off, mid to upper 60s on wednesday, also some showers lingering on thursday. then we will start to warm things up on friday, saturday and sunday, 80 degree temperatures this returning by this weekend. >> we should have slow jammed that. >> impressive. we hope to see you at 6:00. the story of joycelin... fs
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